A story about pain, vulnerability

and the redemptive power of friendship.


Jacob and the Cloak is, at its core, a story about empathy. Empathy is more than sympathy. Much more. Sympathy is an exterior emotion. It stands at a safe distance and observes but often times doesn’t truly seek to understand. Inversely, when we express empathy, we are essentially reaching out to connect their story to our story in a very organic and authentic way. It is an interior, heart-led process because it is the process, the practice of seeing ourselves in them, and in their choices, struggles and, many times, failures.
We know how hard that thing was for us and because we know that, we know, truly, how hard this must be for them. And that honest acknowledgment, that humble realization that we too have been in those very same hard places, is what creates empathy. And it is a beautiful language of love that transcends all borders.

– Scott Taylor

"Things are not always as they seem. Love pays attention."


Scott Taylor is an author and artist with a passion for emotional health. He is the Executive Creative of Colorpop Art Lab based in Tulsa OK. Over the last decade, he has dedicated himself to studying vulnerability, empathy and the role of art and creative expression in the healing of trauma. Across the nation, from living rooms to lecture halls, Scott has championed the value of emotional literacy and vulnerability and its application in daily life.

Using insights gained from his own life and research, as well as his extensive interviews and focus groups with kids, teens, and adults, he created Jacob & the Cloak, a children’s book that imaginatively addresses the effects of trauma and its struggles as well as offers hope for redemption. Today, he continues his work, now focusing primarily in helping people gain freedom from their past and access true emotional wellbeing.

"When we rush to solutions, we rush past the person too."



Jacob & the Cloak taps into the human experience and articulates it in a way that will resonate with anyone who has walked through a time of struggle. Young and old alike will see themselves represented in these pages, either as Jacob or perhaps as one of his well meaning but misguided friends. Scott Taylor has written a guide book about reaching out when you are hurting and making yourself vulnerable in order to find strength and comfort.

Gayla GowlerEducator

Jacob and the Cloak is a multi layered story filled with healing and hope. My wife and I are both Licensed Professional Counselors and over the years we have worked with children of all ages dealing with many different situations. In many cases, they felt very similar to Jacob - ashamed, embarrassed, sad and lonely. I think many of us can relate to carrying a burden like this in some way. Upon reading Jacob's story, we saw it as a hopeful medium to share with a hurting child the message that they are not alone. We also saw the incredible potential of this story educating both parents and teachers, that genuinely care and want to reach out, how to better communicate their concern in an effective and helpful manner. We hope this story will help free both children and their parents from the cloak of shame, guilt, and isolation.

Kyle WesterLicensed Professional Counselor

Scott Taylor leads with vulnerability and courage, so it's no surprise that those qualities permeate this book through his authentic writing style. At once both impactful and disarming, Jacob and the Cloak contains the perfect balance of love and truth, neither being sacrificed at the expense of the other, making this a truly approachable and relatable work that will apply as much to the adult reader as it does to it's intended audience. Having worked extensively with children who are dealing with trauma, I am just hoping that this timely book is the first in a series that will teach a generation of kids the value of connectedness in a world that is constantly touting the false virtue of self-reliance.

Amber DayCityGroups Coordinator - City Church Tulsa, OK

"Shame and fear burden us more than trauma could, but there is hope."

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